Writing and sharing your words (or sharing anything, really) can be weird.  It sometimes feels like this: 

"Hi.  Here's what I think, what I'm learning, what I see, how I captured it, and what I want to share with you.  Here's a little part of my very heart and life.  I'm just going to set it right here...  Um, ok.  There it is.  You can read it and/or think about it, if you want.  Bye."

The more I write, explore photography, and live, the more I learn that sharing is powerful– both for the speaker and audience.  It's awkward, uncomfortable, and scary.  Sometimes it feels forced.  Sometimes what you share will get lost in the mix.  It's hard and imperfect, but so beautiful.  Sharing causes you to examine yourself, to be conscious and attentive, and to be humble.  It brings others in.  It encourages, reminds, challenges, and tells us we're not alone.  And while not every. single. thing. should be shared with every. single. person,  your story is worth sharing.  God's story is worth sharing.

So here I am, outside of my comfort zone (feel free to join me, friend).  I hope the poem below spurs you, inspires you to think/write/live, and encourages you to be vulnerable, too...

Deep is the joy known by mended hearts once broken, made whole by the King.

Vibrant is the love seen in the asperous, nailed Tree chosen by the Son.

Strong is the peace of a soul whispering "it is well" amidst swelling tides.

Overwhelming is the grace of a holy, good Father in human squalor.

Compelling is the hope we have of glory to live fearlessly.

Unshaken is the Kingdom brought by the Son of Man, full of precious worth.

Shining is the Church as one; with the blood and Word, she will overcome.

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