I have a confession... I watched The Bachelor for the first time this week.  I know, I know...  You're either thinking, "Where have you been?!" or "Seriously?"  *sigh*  We could all discuss the concept of the show, but that's not my point in writing.

My point is this:

Sister, I am for you.

Receiving a rose isn't a priority.  A single, stunning flower (or helicopter ride) is not more important than each other.  Would we all love to be whisked away on a fancy date?  Yes!  Is it worth conspiring against someone?  No.

 I don't secretly rejoice when people say your toes aren't cute.  (Because in all honesty, toes aren't that cute if you look at them long enough.  Except baby toes.)  I'm not trying to sabotage you.  I don't want to reduce you to a shivering puddle of tears as I let out a victory cry.  

You're worth more than that.  We're worth more than that– made in the image of God.  Instead of crawling over each other and competing, let's climb together.

I want to come alongside you, know your journey, and share your joys.  If you need to cry, I will let your tears stain my shirt.  If you are happy, I'll celebrate with you.  When you're limping, I'll offer my hand to help you carry on.  I want to share the hope and life I've found and point you to Jesus.  I will do my very, very best to love you (even when one or both of us doesn't feel like it).

We all have insecurities, friend.  If you're anything like me, you know yours too well.  What if, when seeing these areas of each other, we showed grace?  You see, when we join together, it's for the better (plus, it's more fun!).

So, friend, this was (and here is) is a rose for you.  Not a real rose (though I would send a flower to each and every one of you if I could), but an imagined one; a heart-to-heart, if you will.  Now give a rose to your mom, sister, classmate, coworker, someone you pass on the street... or plant a garden. 

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