Nearly every day for over a month, I’ve seen an orange butterfly, often barely fluttering into my peripheral vision. It’s a small thing, really, but those amber wings are a reminder of promises made and kept. Noticing butterflies combats feeling unseen. From chrysalis to unfurled wings, butterflies are on a journey. They keep going.


Plagued by Your promises, words You have spoken
Desires You've placed in me faithfully You will complete

So did Abraham and his wife, Sarah, when God asked them leave everything and journey to a land they would be shown. God vows Abraham’s descendants will be great; through him the world will be blessed. Their response? “So [they] went,” not knowing the exact destination but knowing Who they were following.

Fast-forward, and God’s promised Abraham and Sarah (despite their old age) a son. Of course, this was hard for Abraham to believe, so God led him outside and pointed to stars to illustrate their covenant. Sometimes we need a gentle yet dramatic change in perspective to remember the promise. God assured them a son, but what they were really trusting—given their physical circumstances—was that God could bring life from death. We're believing the same thing today.

From mountain to the valley, from the desert to the raging sea
& in the silence or the city streets, Your presence always covers me

Generations later, God made another pledge, this time to Moses and the Israelites. Just like Abraham, Moses and his people must go—even through the wilderness—to receive. But Moses, a bold yet humble friend of God, had an objection. They wouldn't go unless God came, too. All God had guaranteed (see: angelic guides, victory, the promised land) didn't compare to God’s presence with them. There was no point in promise without Presence. Isn’t the same true for us? God-with-us, who knows us by name, makes the journey worthwhile. Jesus’ presence is the greatest promise.

Hope: You will lead the way; peace: You will be my strength
To see in the midst of storms & believe in Your goodness, Lord

Here’s the paradox: sometimes we ask and wait for glory to be shown. Other times we’ve got to go to keep in step with the Spirit. Either way, the goal, the treasure, the catalyst is the same: Presence.

From mountain to the valley, from the desert to the raging sea
& in the silence or the city streets, Your presence always covers me


You take me in, You lead me out
Such a journey walking with You now

Two weeks ago, my senior year of college began… and the questions have already started. “What’s next?” “Where will you be a year from now?” “So, what’s your plan?”

Even though I’m prepared with a few vague answers––honestly? I don’t know.

This is what I’m learning, though: we are not called to have it all figured out. We’re called to be faithful. To show up with our own presence. Purpose and friendship sustain a journey, not a polished five-year plan (no matter how helpful). Hearts wholly true to Jesus are more valuable than perfection. No matter where we are on our personal journeys or walks together, there is always more. Always more of Jesus to know, more of the Kingdom to experience, more love to receive and give. Let's dare ourselves to take Jesus at His word, to persevere in faith as He leads us. We’re in this together, thank God.

Abraham’s promise came through faith, and it kept him going. Faith isn’t necessarily saying “I do” to all the right questions but confidence in Jesus and faithfulness to Him. By faith, we can be faithful because we know and follow the Faithful One. God graciously called Abraham the “father of many nations” before his promised son was even conceived. He was so sure of the Father’s character and word that the only sensible response was praise. And while he glorified God, his faith grew stronger.

When I don't know what steps to take; when I don't know what moves to make
This one thing I can't escape: Your love

Faith obeys. Faith is forward-looking and keeps us moving. Faith is how we live into our inheritance.

When I don't have the words to say; when I can't seem to find my way
This one thing I can't escape: Your love

I admit I often need to stop to “consider Him faithful who had promised." Friends, do we consider Him faithful? Where we set our sights and what we consider impact the destination and quality of this journey. Do our lives give proof to our radical commitment? Thankfully, the world doesn’t rest on our shoulders, but we are called to more. Every step of faith, no matter how small, builds our endurance to keep going. Faith is risky and radical, but it isn't blind or ignorant. Abraham, Moses, and the others listed in the “hall of faith” of Hebrews 11 suffered, doubted, and failed morally. Why are they included, then? They persisted. They kept going, their faith resulting in action.

From mountain to the valley, from the desert to the raging sea
& in the silence or the city streets, Your presence always covers me

Let’s keep running the race. Walking. Crawling, if need be. We’re not seeking in vain.

The bolded & italicized lyrics above are from this song.