Not too long ago, something I had "known" for a long time became fresh again: No matter what's changing around you, the love of Jesus does not (because He does not). His love isn't dependent on our feelings, and trusting that Love means having faith like a child.

Jesus calls us to have childlike faith, and I've often pondered the meaning of that phrase. Maybe you've thought about this, too. :) By definition, it means having good qualities associated with children + faith. In explanation, it's trusting Jesus, knowing God as Father, and other good concepts... yet until this summer, I've never truly had to go back to the basics, so to speak, and live each day with childlike faith.

I knew what it meant, but I had to learn how to live it.

So, what does it look like? What does it mean for real life? Childlike faith, I'm learning, is not what I thought it'd be... Simple, yes, but not always easy.

Childlike faith can look like finding hope, faith, humility, and Jesus in the margins.

It means seeking the Answer instead of answers.

Having faith like a child can mean smiling at the little things (like brilliant flowers!!) and rejoicing in the simple Gospel.

It means allowing beauty and brokenness to move you to tears.

It looks like a child who says, "I know you love me... I know you love them... You are holy... You're inviting me to know and follow You... I will walk forward, one step at a time."

Childlike faith looks like a hundred other things I'm still learning. The exciting (and challenging) part is that's what it is: a learning, growing posture. So, friends, here's to laughing more, trusting Jesus' and His love, living alive, really listening, and learning to live from a place of childlike faith!

(And cool ivy-covered walls & friends who take your picture:)

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