Do you ever feel God working in your heart and life, like He's tugging and pulling right where you're trying to hide or hold on? But it's good, like stretching after a hard workout or long run?  Me too.  Time and time again, He– by grace alone– teaches, reminds, calls, and continues to change me.  And I am learning that He is first and foremost.  He is the foundation, cornerstone, and builder. It's Him alone that loves so deeply, is rich in mercy, gives life so abundant, and remains totally faithful to the end.

So when millions of things are shouting...  When the noise is loud and crazy...  Be the One I listen to & look towards.

When I rise and rest...  When I speak and sing...  Be the One I praise.

When I give and receive...  If I gain or lose possessions...  Be the One I treasure.

With each breath...  Be the One I live for.

When I step into the unknown...  When there's a sense of certainty...  Be the One I follow & trust.

When other things and people aren't enough...  When they seem fulfilling...  When I'm searching...  Be the One I need.

When I get caught up in temporary things...  If I'm taking my eyes off You... Be the One I long for.

When I give...  When I go places and do things and meet people... Be the One I really serve.

When the world's yelling "How to be more..." and "In just 3 steps..." and "Be like this!"...  In unity and alone... Be the One I seek & strive to be like.

When life is good...  When the waves are crashing...  When I have nowhere else to go...  Be the One source of joy I find.

When I lose sight of You or try to do it own my own, Jesus... thank You for being so gentle and gracious, even for the hundredth time. You really are great & glorious, saving & steadfast, and trustworthy & true.

Please know this: I'm not 100% "there" yet (I don't think I ever will be until heaven & even then, there is all of eternity to learn and worship).  Sometimes, and more often than I'd like to admit, I forget that Jesus is truly all I have, the grace I desperately need, and Who I find identity and purpose in.
It's my prayer, friends, that our good, good Father would change you & me.  As He does, may we be open to His love and perfect ways.  May we be ready to obey.  May we walk in the Spirit, sharing Truth.  May we delight in His discipline.  May He be our– be my– First and Only.  More of Jesus & less of me.

With love & in His...