I'm sitting on the couch, scrolling through social media.  Wedged between prom pictures and Instagram are glimpses of the real world: beauty and brokenness, despair and hope.  It might be easy to miss or easy to scroll past.  But Ann Voskamp's words stop me dead in my tracks.  Pictures of  brothers and sisters, the lost, and the children in Nepal demand my attention.  I can't look away.  There's no pretending that I didn't see, didn't read, didn't look into their eyes.  And it's all around the globe and right in our towns.

If we ignore the brokenness and need around us, we are essentially ignoring the call and kingdom of God. Hurting people are crying out, and we know the Only One who really knows them and can remedy their aches (as He does the same to us).  Jesus is all about restoring the shattered pieces of lives and hearts and souls.  He takes the pitiful, crushed, and weary and breathes hope and purpose, setting Treasure and Life in jars of clay.  I know because He's done this to me.

If we leave the hurting in their pain and let the lost wander and neglect the needy or seeking, how can we speak of our love for the Father?  It's comfortable (even sometimes easier) to keep our distance.  But didn't Jesus enter brokenness?  He ate with sinners, loved the outcasts, healed the broken, and preached peace to the near and far.  Paul (as he writes in 2 Corinthians) urges the Church to be aware of affliction and to help through prayer– so that many will give thanks.

So we're in– I am in– this candid place.  We can try to pretend like we didn't see, like destruction isn't happening, like nothing's broken (and continue to live on the couch, if you will).  But if we've seen the glory of Jesus piercing even the darkest places, know His to-the-death love, and live by the power of the Holy Spirit...

We can get up.  We can join, pray, go, give, and love sacrificially with joy, faith, and purpose in the many, same, and diverse ways we are called to action.  We can trust Him to lead; we can trust Him with everything, anything, and our very lives.  We can worship, singing hallelujah for what He's done and is doing and will do.

Father God, show us more of Your heart & glory.  Let us be motivated by love– Your awesome, eternal love.  Let our hearts be broken and our lives changed.  Interrupt us.  Teach us how to serve, love, walk, and live like Your perfect Son.  Teach us Who You are & what it means to love, trust, follow, and glorify You alone.  Let all that we do point to You.  With grace, open our eyes to see how You see, with eyes of love & mercy; to rejoice with the rejoicing & mourn with the mourning.  Help us to bless and pray– even for those who persecute and hurt.  Help us to overcome evil with good.  You are good!