God's only Son,

the worthy One.

A baby born Lord of all

came to earth in a humble stall.

A sinless life did He live,

love and hope does He give.

The only One my soul could free

in fierce love hung on a tree.

When death had seemed victorious,

He rose again most glorious!

When I was buried to sin and pride,

He came gently by my side.

He meets me where I stand

and asks, "Take my hand."

A nail-pierced palm reaches down

to lift me from the cold, hard ground.

When He spoke my name,

I knew I'd never be the same.

Reaching up towards the grace, 

Light spills onto my face.

Letting go of what I thought was mine,

I find a peaceful joy divine.

When I'm afraid of deep water, 

perfect love conveys the Father.

In truth the Spirit leads,

Jesus is all I need.

At His name all fear is gone

for in my heart is a new song.

He leads me when I cannot see

towards the hope of eternity.

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