The summer I graduated from fourth grade, we got on a plane and traveled to a far-away land (called China) with tall buildings and a sky that was sometimes blue.  It was fresh, exciting, hard, messy, and wondrous.  I think that might have been the start: seeing the world and God in a new way that spilled from my heart to paper.  Or maybe that wasn't the beginning...  Beginnings and ends can't always be marked on a calendar.  Either way, life goes on.

Since then, there's been more plane rides and new things.  The tall buildings are now sprawling fields, but the sky is still blue....

In all this and the

 moments in between

, I often find myself writing.  Some days it's a few sentences or words... and sometimes I fill pages with ink.  Isn't life sometimes the same way?  There are days we jot down a few things.  There are days when 

so much is happening that it overflows, both happy and sad.  And, if I'm to be completely honest, there are days when I don't take any pictures or write anything down.

But in those times-- all of them-- I look back and find myself awed at what God was doing, both in me and around the world.   You see, He's faithful and always at work.  Even on the days that seem 


, His love is changing hearts and lives.  I think of Moses in Exodus.  He was shielded until God had passed by so all Moses saw was God's back.  At times we see God working right before us, and other times we see His work after.  Some things we won't see until eternity.  I find it 

encouraging and flat-out humbling that Jesus calls us to a place of total trust in a relationship with Him (and action).  There's nothing more fulfilling.

I write because there's so much to write about.  O


 it comes out correctly, or at least the way it sounds in your head.  God is eternal and creative, which means 


 a lot to write about-- even when it doesn't come out sounding the way you planned.

Here's to living, remembering, and being thankful for the Grace given to us.