The entrance of the new year, heightened by the drop of the ball, was not life-changing.  As we watched the countdown reach one, we looked around, expecting something to happen.  Nothing did. Well, the clock changed from 11:59 to 12:00.  But the world didn't spin any faster, the friends gathered on the couch were the same, and I hadn't even thought of a resolution. 

You know the drill: exercise more, eat healthier food (see photo below;), be a better person, and change the world.  I think my frustration with resolutions started because they don't always work.  Goals are set high and you expect to reach them with ease.  January begins with fresh motivation and March limps in with not much to show.  

Somewhere in between, we lose our enthusiasm.  Change doesn't happen overnight and that's disappointing.  Giving up and going back can be easier that pressing on, but... What if we decided not to give up on ourselves because God doesn't give up on us?  What we came alongside others and lived out love instead of observing?  If we see ourselves as works in progress instead of failures, we begin to realize what's happening in and around us.  

A weight is lifted from tired shoulders knowing that our Father doesn't expect us to change instantly (in fact, He knows we can't do it without some help).  Instead, He comes alongside us and encourages us to keep going.  We are being molded, shaped, and formed into the likeness of God's Son.  Maybe the key to motivation is the thought of sanctification.

Seeing the world with bright-eyed wonder illuminates the work of God.  Knowing that He has done, is doing, and will do amazing things gives us hope.  

Be brave; be open to change.  Run to God, run with God, run for Him, and run with others.  We weren't made to do this alone.  Share, be vulnerable, and create.  Smile. :)  Let's live 2015 with expectation, perseverance, and hope!


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