It's no secret that we are seeking and being sought after.  The word seek is used 321 times in the Bible.  Take a look around you; notice the people who are searching for something, Someone.  We, as Jesus-followers, are told to seek God, to seek His kingdom and righteousness.

I used to think that seeking was looking in one spot, like a horse with blinders.  But is that really seeking with all our heart and soul?  What does it mean, as Paul writes in Acts, to feel our way to God because He is not far from us?

If we are looking for God in just one place or at only one time, we're missing out.  Think of it this way:  If you're looking for your car keys, you look everywhere.  You look any place where you think they might be because you want to go somewhere.  

Glimpses of the Father, His grace, and love are surrounding us.  His majesty is on full display before us, if only we'd open our eyes and seek.  He is at work in us and around us and I don't want to miss it.

David understands.  He's tasted and seen.  He knows Who he needs more than his next breath and he is thirsting for more.  Seek Him like an oasis in the Sahara, like a shelter in the storm.  As we are waiting and expecting the greatest Gift this December, look.  It all points to Jesus Christ.  

Please make me into a seeker: someone who wants You more because in You is full, satisfying life.  Open my eyes to your presence and evidence around me.  

You pursue me.  You answer when I call and You are faithful when I seek.