Why does the Psalmist write, "Restore to me the joy of your salvation?"  How do we get to that place, caught up in it all, forgetting Who it's from and for?  Sometimes you just have to stop.  The world is spinning fast.

We're fascinated with who is doing what and going where. What is going on and did they really do that?  We're so concerned about followers, likes, and shares that we don't share the One we follow.  We miss a lot.  When I feel God kneading those tough spots in my heart, do I welcome it because He disciplines those He loves?  When nothing seems to be going right (maybe it's one of those "There's toothpaste on my shirt and I'm already late!" days), do I still find joy?  Do I look up long enough to see the new mercies that come with each sunrise?  Do I pause to listen to the melody of grace?

If you're longing to know more of the Father's heart, to glimpse the glory of His Son, you're not alone.  If you're desperate to be drawn nearer... press in because when we seek, He comes close.

Be still.  In the center, with Jesus, the spinning stops and the world stands still. Joy overflows because we are close to the source.  Grace crescendos with each breath He gives.