The leaves are changing color... from vibrant greens to wildfire oranges, blazing over the map. The days are getting are getting shorter; the air is more crisp.

As I walk along the curb from the bus stop, my oversized and almost empty Tweety bird backpack swings behind me.   My mom calls from the doorway so my sister and I give her “we’re home” wave as we reach the driveway.  I hop up the steps and drop off my bag by the door because I have approximately five minutes to get a snack and go downstairs before “Cyberchase” starts. With a snack in hand, I run down the short flight of carpeted stairs and sink into our large, gold recliner with a minute to spare.

Those days are dreams to me now, memories being sweetened with time. I know I've forgotten things that I wish I could remember.  

It’s funny how places that you lived in for over half your life can fade away slowly and you don’t really notice until you look back. New places deserve to be explored and new people want to be known.  So even though I may wish to go back (just for a day), I have memories and most of the time that’s good enough.

But sometimes the memories are so vibrant and alive and you want to go back. What do you do when you want to walk into your old lilac bedroom or climb to the safety of your loft? How do you live today without forgetting yesterday and not ignoring tomorrow? If you figure it out, let me know!

The leaves are changing color. Our lives are changing, too. Soak up the day He's put before you and bask in the autumn sun. Seasons change, but that doesn't mean they didn't happen. Leaves fall from branches to make room for crystal snowflakes to blanket; snow melts so the branches can be filled with blossoms.  

The leaves are changing color and it's beautiful.