The days are getting shorter and it seems like my time for You is, too.

As daylight fades, slowly does my desire.

Everything is timed and planned and suddenly there’s no time left.

Countless things are vying for  precious moments...

Do I let them take Your place?

There’s homework and home life; textbooks and Facebook.

I need to prioritize the Book.

Because when all is said and done, only You remain.  

Everything else fades.

The autumn sun sets and leaves fall, but You are constant and alive.

I’m being tugged in every direction and I try to focus on things above.

Bring me back to life and fan the fire in my bones; set me ablaze.

Let the things I say and what I display be fueled by Your love.  

Don’t let me stand unless I've been on my knees.

As I learn, teach me how to love You.

This is a call to come out of the ordinary...

Leave the mundane and run into the extraordinary.  

Let’s not be regular.

Let’s be catalysts at work and school.

Let’s not be unintentional.

Let’s be radical.

We shouldn't do this alone.

Let’s do this together.