Father, show me how to love.  That is my heart's cry.

Show me how to love like You do. I want to love with reckless abandon; I want to love fiercely.  Help me to love when it doesn't come easy.  Give me grace to love those who hurt me and let me down.  

Teach me how to love selfless and sacrificially.  Compel me to love without expecting anything in return.  Take away the fear of loving deeply.

Allow me to love freely.  Allow me to show Your love to all I meet.

I am afraid of loving and losing; loving outside of my comfort zone.  

But what is there to fear?  You alone, God, are love.  Without You, there's no true love.  It's Your love that shows me how to love.  The cross of Jesus, Your Son, is the greatest act of love history will ever see.  

Love poured from His side, liquid and crimson waves.  Love spilled from His eyes and down His cheeks.  Love came from His hands and from His lips, renewing and restoring.  Love was His last cry and because of love, He died.  

This love is found in the oceans' depths; it is painted across the sky.  Love formed us and gives us breath.

So I don't need to be afraid.  Through Him alone, I can love.  Love will be laughter and it will be tears.  It's not easy, but it must be shared.

Spirit, help me to love until it runs dry.

When I look to Him, I am filled again.